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Receive the most fitting tracks, curated from the best music libraries.

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Once you're happy with the music, we'll guide you in downloading the tracks from their music libraries so that you can legally use it. 

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We will find similar-sounding Royalty-Free alternatives that you can afford.

You have the last word.

Review our selection of tracks and choose the one you like the most. If you're not 100% convinced, we'll do another selection for you!


Receive the most fitting tracks, curated from the best music libraries.

You're busy creating. Stop wasting your creative time scrolling through endless music libraries!

We will dig through these Royalty-Free music libraries for you: 


The best among the best.

Get the best music selected from the best libraries out there.


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Delight your audience with a carefully hand-picked soundtrack.


We use pro audio equipment and years of musical experience to filter out average-sounding music and give you only the highest quality possible.


We prioritize never-heard-before tracks to make your videos sound unique.


We edit the selected Royalty-Free tracks to your video so that they fit as if they were tailor-made for it.

Happy Clients

Explainer video: Double Yolk 

The guys at Double Yolk wanted to spice up their explainer video to make it more attractive and memorable. After scanning several music libraries, we got them a funky track that strengthens the personality of the video and makes it more enjoyable. Turn the volume up!

TV Commercial: SMBC Singapore 

Kenny needed a great soundtrack for his golf tournament TV commercial. In a few hours, he had our first findings in his inbox. He showed them to his client and they loved this epic sounding track. It makes the video feel exciting and adrenaline driven: exactly what they needed.

Explainer video: Brainstorming Ventures, Inc. 

Edward was looking for a way to enhance his explainer video. He needed something positive but professional. We found him this guitar driven track and we mixed it with the voiceover in his video. He loved it!

Let's make your videos sound better than ever.